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Magic Mike The Arena Tour Cancelled

Statement from Magic Mike: The Arena Tour promoter

We are sorry to inform you that the upcoming production Magic Mike – The Arena Tour will not be able to take place at SSE Arena in Belfast on Saturday 22nd April 23.

As a result of the sharp increase in costs which have a significant impact on the viability of tours of this scale, the team is unable to deliver the show to the high standards expected. The Magic Mike creative team is committed to only delivering a show that meets or exceed the standard of their live show in London and the current conditions simply do not allow for that possibility.

The difficult decision has therefore been made to delay the upcoming production and revisit plans at a future date. Everyone involved is very disappointed and apologises to customers for any inconvenience caused.

Ticketmaster will refund your full amount back to the card that was used to make the booking

We hope that you will continue to experience the Magic Mike phenomenon with the upcoming film Magic Mike’s Last Dance which is released in cinemas next month, and of course the ongoing production Magic Mike Live at The Hippodrome Theatre in London which continues to thrill audiences nightly.

Thank you for your understanding.

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