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Ticketing FAQs

Tickets for The SSE Arena, Belfast are only available from,

Service charge is a charge for the service of booking tickets on the internet.

The facility fee of £1 per ticket enables The SSE Arena, Belfast to continue to invest in the maintenance and upgrade of facilities in order to safeguard the future development of the venue. The fee applies to all events which go on-sale after 1st of April 2019.

The management reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder without refund for behaviour likely to cause damage, injury or nuisance.

The promoter reserves the right to alter the programme as necessary.

Latecomers may be refused admission until a suitable break in the show.

The ticket-holder consents to participate in the audio or video recording of the show and grants all necessary consents for Performers Protection Acts.

Audio and visual recording of a show is not permitted.

Tickets should be purchased from authorised outlets only. The SSE Arena, Belfast does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any reseller. Any person who cannot identify themselves as linked to the purchaser of the ticket may be refused admission.

Admission by full ticket only. Readmission may not be possible during the event.

Before entering, all patrons may be subject to a search in a manner permissible under law. Anyone refusing to consent to personal search will be denied entry.

Once purchased tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is a cancellation or postponement of the event.

Management does not accept responsibility for any loss, injury, or damage to persons/property on or around the premises.

All audience members including children must be in possession of a ticket.

Mobile phones and personal pagers must be switched off during an event.

The SSE Arena, Belfast is acting as a retailer of this ticket at the request of the promoter and accepts no liability for any unforeseen or indirect loss incurred by the purchaser of this ticket if the event does not take place in whole or in part.

Neither food nor drink can be taken into the arena building.

Under 14's should be accompanied by an adult.

The The SSE Arena, Belfast is a no smoking building. Customers leaving the building will not be permitted to re-enter.

The SSE Arena, Belfast uses Ticketmaster's booking system. When a popular event goes on sale there are literally hundreds, even thousands of customers simultaneously attempting to purchase tickets across all distribution channels on the Ticketmaster network. With so many people simultaneously buying tickets online popular events can sell out in a very short time.

When buying tickets you can select mobile ticket or print at home.

Ticketmaster are the ticketing partner of The SSE Arena, Belfast. We do not encourage customers to buy from any other ticketing agent or re-seller. We cannot guarantee the validity of tickets that may be resold.

Please click here for detailed information from Ticketmaster in relation to cancelled or rescheduled events.

No, tickets cannot be exchanged from one performance to another. Once purchased, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless there is a cancellation or postponement of the event.

Please visit or log a request for support here.

No person shall be admitted into any event in the Arena without holding a valid ticket to the event.

The SSE Arena, Belfast reserves the right to refuse admission of intoxicated patrons. Persons denied entry into the facility will not be offered a refund. Once inside the Arena patrons who become intoxicated are subject to ejection from the event.

Persons who fail to abide by Arena policies are subject to ejection from the facility. Any person who is violating Arena policy will be asked to correct their behaviour. If they fail to do so in a timely fashion, ejection will occur. Individuals who have been ejected must vacate the Arena property.

Any person seen using a laser pointer will be escorted out of an event.

The SSE Arena, Belfast operates a no re-admission policy. For security purposes once visitors have entered the venue they may not leave and re-enter.

Please click here to view The SSE Arena, Belfast House Rules

Please check your confirmation email or order details in your Ticketmaster MyAccount to review the delivery option you have chosen.

If your tickets are etickets, you can review your options in your account. On a desktop you may see 'view and print' your tickets. This will be a PDF to print.

From a mobile device you can go mobile. Log into the Ticketmaster App, click my tickets and view tickets. There you will see a barcode that you will need to show at the venue.

For standard postal delivery, the latest to expect your tickets is 5 days before an event.

If you selected standard mail and do not receive your tickets within 2 business day of the event please contact Ticketmaster.

For all accessible seating requests please click here.

Visit our Accessibility section here for more information.

Adult = Over 16

Concession = Available for those with proof of status for Full-time Students, Senior Citizens and disability

Child = 16 or under

Family = 2 Adults and 2 Children or 1 Adult and 3 Children

For queries regarding SSE Reward presales please contact

Please click here to register and for more information.

You may only purchase tickets for the event from Box Office on an event day. Tickets for future events can be purchased from or

The purchaser acknowledges that COVID-19 or other public health considerations may require the introduction of measures for the safety of staff, artists and attendees including but not limited to:

(i) Imposition of maximum attendee numbers

(ii) Reallocation of seats

(iii) Restriction of food and drink availability

(iv) Social distancing measures

(v) Imposition of requirements regarding personal protective equipment such as the wearing of masks

(vi) Designation of alternative entrance and exit routes

(vii) Collection of personal information in accordance with government requirements

OML reserves the right to deny entry to the venue or to remove any person from the venue who refuses to comply with any such condition or requirement.

General FAQs

Please click here to visit the Getting Here section of the website.

Neither food nor drink can be taken into the arena from outside the building. A range of hot and cold food and drinks are available throughout the Arena.

Recently there was considerable investment made, developing the public catering into a more user friendly operation. The range available has been revised, with a focus being placed on providing a "High quality fast food offering".

The number of Public Concession Outlets has increased to 13, with the introduction of an additional 20 service points, along with fast pour beer dispensers in all locations.

We have also colour coded our areas, with Blue Outlets serving a range of Hot Food & Drinks (Burgers, Gourmet Hotdog etc.) and Green Outlets serving Drinks & Light Bites (Selection of Crisps, Confectionery, Ice Cream etc.) We now also have two purpose built Dispense Bars (One on the Ground Floor & One on Concourse Level 1st Floor) serving a range of Beers, Wines, Spirits & Soft Drinks.

All of these changes have proven very successful, with queuing times significantly reduced, enhancing the customer experience, giving you more time to spend enjoying the Belfast Giants or your favourite band.

The SSE Arena, Belfast is unable to permit the following electronic devices or accessories and may be required to extend this on an event by event basis:

• Professional-type cameras (defined as; a bridge camera, DSLR or any camera fitted with a detachable zoom lens and/or tripod). N.B. with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event.
• Devices which permit streaming, video or audio recording
• iPads and Tablet devices of any size
• GoPro! or similar devices
• Any other electronic device with camera and/or filming capability
• Selfie Sticks – due to safety considerations and so as not to impact the view of other customers.

Mobile phones are permitted into the venue but customers may be requested to turn these off or refrain from capturing images by the promoter. Disruption to other customers through the continued use of electronic devices or mobile phones may result in the ticketholder being removed from the venue.

We strongly recommend you just come and enjoy the concert and don't bring a camera to avoid any issues.

During Ice Hockey games cameras are permitted, however the use of flash photography is prohibited during play.

Flash photography is prohibited during 'theatre style' shows.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:-

  • Bottles
  • Cans
  • Sticks
  • Air horns
  • Weapons or fireworks
  • Alcohol or other beverages and food not sold at The SSE Arena, Belfast
  • Illegal drugs or noxious substances
  • Professional cameras, sound and/or video recording devices
  • Helium balloons
  • Umbrellas
  • Pets (Except guide dogs and animals assisting visitors with disabilities)
  • Sporting colours or tops are not permitted, except for Ice Hockey jerseys.

No. We are a fully contactless venue.

Please click here to enter the Car Park section of the website.

The SSE Arena, Belfast is a no smoking building. Customers leaving the building will not be permitted to re-enter.

In compliance with the smoke-free legislation that came into affect on April 30 2007, The SSE Arena, Belfast will operate a strictly no smoking policy at all events. This means that members of the public will no longer be permitted to smoke anywhere within the confines of the Arena.

The SSE Arena, Belfast will also to continue to operate its current policy of no re-admittance, which means that customers leaving the Arena for a cigarette / e-cigarette (or for any other reason) will be unable to gain entry back in. The no re-admittance policy is crucial for customer safety given that the Arena can host to up to 10,000 visitors at a single event, making it impractical to manage the potential numbers wishing to exit and re-enter the building at any given time.

The SSE Arena, Belfast will display prominent signage at the entrance to the venue to ensure that all consumers are fully aware of this policy on entering the building. Signage will also be displayed throughout the venue. Regretably, those who refuse to comply with the smoke-free legislation will be asked to leave.

Where possible, a smoking pass out system will be put in place for those who wish to smoke. Please note this may not be feasible for every event and on occasions where this is the case, the Arena no re-admittance policy will apply.

On occasions where a pass out system is in operation, please retain your ticket at all times as this will be used for exit and re-entry.

Yes. Our cloakroom is located in the foyer. Please ask a member of staff if you require assistance.

Yes, The SSE Arena, Belfast is now offering an option for parents to obtain a wristband for their children when entering the venue.

If you lose your child when in the venue this wristband will provide staff with your contact details. We hope that this will help to reunite parents and children quickly and effectively.

These wristbands will be available from customer services at the Concierge desk on an event night.

Please speak to any member of staff for more information.

Concert merchandise sold in the The SSE Arena, Belfast is done so on behalf of the merchandise licensee's and no stock is retained on-site after the event (unless it's part of a run of shows). We will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant licensee for your event, however the Sale of Goods Act 1979 does not require them to exchange incorrect sizes, this will be at their discretion. Please complete the Contact Us Form here and we will provide merchandise contact details for you.

From time to time on certain holidays the ice will be opened to the public. Please visit our what's on listing for more information.

Permission for collecting contributions inside the Arena must be agreed through the promoter who is staging the event. Our chosen charity Cash for Kids will have first choice on collections. Please complete the Contact Us Form here for further details.

The Odyssey Pavilion is currently closed for construction works however the bowling alley, cinema and W5 are remaining open for the duration of the works. Please follow the signage if you are visiting the bowling alley, cinema or W5. All customers attending the arena will need to enter the arena via the main doors at the front.

We are a breastfeeding friendly venue and customers are welcome to breastfeed at any time. If you require a private area to breastfeed please speak with our customer services team and we will endeavour to make a private area available for you.

Suite FAQs

Please click here to be directed to the Corporate Hospitality section of the website

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