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Welcome to the venue access information for The SSE Arena, Belfast. The SSE Arena, Belfast is an inclusive venue and is committed to ensuring that services are accessible to all visitors. The Arena is delighted to be signed up to the Attitude is Everything Charter of Best Practice and currently sits at SILVER level.


We welcome feedback regarding our service provision and all aspects of accessibility. You can contact us via by visiting the Contact Us section of the website.

Venue Facilities

The SSE Arena, Belfast offers:

  • Disabled parking spaces (within the Odyssey site car park)
  • Accessible toilets
  • Accessible lift
  • Changing Places facility
  • Wheelchair spaces
  • *Box Office, Concierge Desk and catering units with low-level counters
  • *Box Office with an induction loop
  • Accessible viewing platforms
  • FM hearing loop system within the Arena bowl
  • Storage of walker or other equipment
  • Assistance dogs welcomed
  • Interpretation of performance, on request (BSL & ISL)
  • Audio description, on request
  • Bariatric chairs
  • Sensory bags and ear defenders
  • Free ticket for a Personal Assistant (subject to availability)

* Box Office opens 1 hour before door opening time on event days only.

Bookable facilities


We offer a number of Essential Companion tickets* (previously known as Essential Aid tickets) at a discount or no additional cost. This is eligible to customers who meet the criteria and would be unable to attend an event without the support of another person, who can assist in the event of an emergency. These tickets need to be applied for via Ticketmaster's online booking, and required evidence submitted to Ticketmaster ahead of the event.


Essential Companion* tickets (if required) are available at no additional cost for all Belfast Giants games at The SSE Arena, Belfast. Disabled customers can purchase tickets via, and then submit evidence of eligibility for an Essential Companion ticket.

*Please note, an Essential Companion is a person who is required for a customer to attend an event and is responsible for the safe evacuation of the disabled person in the event of an emergency.

Given the ability for the Arena to be used in an endless variety of formats, the precise combination of wheelchair spaces will be determined on an event-by-event basis dependent on event format, and where practicable, a choice of locations are offered. Wheelchair spaces will be available to select online via Ticketmaster.

How to book

Tickets within the wheelchair areas can be purchased online at, and tickets for other access requests such as for visual or hearing impaired customers can be seen by clicking the accessible (♿️) symbol on the individual event page, below the title on Ticketmaster.

If purchasing a ticket for an Essential Companion via the Ticketmaster website, you will be contacted to submit evidence of entitlement within 72 hours of purchase. (Please note, The SSE Arena, Belfast follows criteria provided by Attitude is Everything of required evidence). You can also upload this information to your Ticketmaster account here, in advance to cover any events for the following 2 years.

Please visit and follow the how-to guide below to register with Ticketmaster’s accessible bookers database.

Travel Guide

Disabled parking bays are available in the main Odyssey site car park closest to the building. The car park operates on a first come first served basis only for all parking spaces. Blue badge holders must display their blue badges at all times whilst parked.

Translink's Glider (G2 route) leaves Donegall Square North and stops at the front of the Odyssey complex.

Metro Service Number 94, 94a & 94b leaves Belfast City Centre at Donegall Square West and makes a stop outside the Odyssey Pavilion.

The nearest train stop is the Titanic Quarter Halt is approximately 0.5miles.

Arrival Guide

The SSE Arena, Belfast Box Office will be open on event days only (1 hour before doors to the event open).

Please be aware that on non-event days the Arena is not open to the public. All requests for site visits to the venue (for familiarisation) must be made in advance and can only be on days we do not have events. Please use the Contact Us section page to tell us which event you plan to attend, and we can see when we can accommodate your request.

Entry into the building is at street level and lifts are available to provide access to all levels of the building. There is a ramp and low-level counter at the Box Office. Vertical access through the building is provided principally by three lifts, one located in the North VIP entrance, one in the South VIP entrance and one in the main entrance lobby.

Staff are on hand at events to provide assistance if required. A limited number of wheelchairs are on site, available to visitors on request.

Tickets and accreditation can be collected from the Arena Box Office at the front of the building. For some events, the entrance via Odyssey Place will also be open. This information will be communicated in advance, and staff will be on hand on assist with which entrance should be used during the event.


There are 10 wheelchair-accessible toilets throughout public areas within the Arena. The Ground Floor is equipped with a male and female accessible toilet outside Door 2 in the main foyer. The accessible toilets on the concourse are in the vicinity of the accessible wheelchair platforms. The number of wheelchair-accessible toilets available on an event will depend on the size and set up of the event.

A Changing Places toilet is now available in the Arena. It is located on the first-floor concourse at Door 15. This room is normally locked. A key is kept with Concierge desk or staff in the area of the Changing Places. Once in the building, please speak to a member of staff who can assist you.

Please note that the arena does not provide slings for us with the ceiling hoist for hygiene reasons - customers are requested to bring their own.

Sensory Bags

Sensory bags have been created for customers that may struggle with the environment at an event within the Arena. These bags contain ear defenders, fidget toys, cue cards, a weighted lap pad and a wobble cushion (this is an additional on request).

These bags can be booked in advance via customer services or can be requested during the event at the Concierge desk. Customers are required to leave a form of ID as a security deposit and will have this returned when the bag is returned to the concierge desk. The items are sterilized between uses, and there are sterilizing wipes included in the bag.

Please note - ear defenders are for customers with Autism and Sensory Processing issues who are sensitive to noise and certain sounds. They are not specifically designed to protect against hearing damage due to sound levels.

Customers with Medical Requirements

The SSE Arena, Belfast has a strict no food or drink policy in terms of items brought into the venue. However, we do welcome visitors who need to bring medicines, food or drink to manage a medical condition. To ensure we know about your needs we encourage customers to inform us in advance of events, and this can be done through our Contact Us section.

There is a Medical Room on both the ground floor and first floor of the Arena. Qualified medical staff are on duty when the Arena is open to the public at all times. In the event of a medical emergency, please notify a steward who will radio for medical assistance.

Should you require a private area for personal care (eg private changing facilities/medicine storage or refrigeration) please speak to the staff at the Concierge Desk who should be able to assist you.

Access to performance

A hearing loop system is operational in the auditorium for all events. Customers wishing to utilise this system should inform Ticketmaster Customer Services when purchasing tickets, or speak to the concierge desk on the event night. There is also a hearing loop system at the Box Office counter, and a mobile unit at the Concierge Desk.

Customers are advised to make any requests for additional methods of communicating the performance content i.e. by sign language interpreters, audio description etc. at the time of booking via the contact us section of the website so we can facilitate your requirements. Seats are held in possible suitable areas for a period of minimum of 14 days from on sale, and the Arena will work with the promoter and production to try to make accommodations on a show by show basis, but this is largely dependant on the production of the show.

Once this 14 day period has passed, these seats may be released to general public if there is high demand for tickets. After this stage, any request will be considered, however the location will be assessed on an individual basis. Any request made within 28 days of an event may not be granted.

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome, but visitors are asked to bear in mind the noise levels at concerts and the potential use of special effects including pyrotechnics. If you require the dog to stay with you, please book tickets in the wheelchair areas online via Ticketmaster to allow enough space in the aisle for the animal. We can also look after the dog for you at our concierge desk - Please complete the ‘Contact Us form to tell us about which event you are coming to, and what requirements you would have.

Strobe lighting

Strobe lighting may be used during some performances and may not be communicated to the Arena until the day of the event. Customers will be notified in advance (most commonly via signage on screens above entrance doors and around the Arena concourse) if a performance includes the use of strobe lighting.

Guide to Register with Ticketmaster's Access Address Book

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