Booking Tips

Buy Tickets Wisely

  • The SSE Arena, Belfast recommends that you purchase tickets directly through our Box Office, Ticketmaster, promoter, fan website or other authorised agent* as listed in the show advertising (*please check with Box Office for confirmation).
  • Make sure you know the face value of the ticket and how much you are paying in service charges.
  • Always find out the location of the seats.
  • Make sure you know when the tickets will be delivered to you, or alternatively check the collection arrangements.
  • Never buy from an agent who tells you the tickets will be available to collect somewhere other than the Box Office.

Third Party Resellers

The SSE Arena, Belfast does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets purchased from any reseller. The Arena has a Bar Code Admission System which will identify tickets that are disputed eg lost/stolen/resold. Any person who cannot identify themselves as linked to the purchaser of the ticket may be refused admission.

On Sales for Popular Events

The SSE Arena, Belfast uses Ticketmaster's booking system. When a popular event goes on sale there are literally hundreds, even thousands of customers simultaneously attempting to purchase tickets across all distribution channels on the Ticketmaster network. With so many people simultaneously buying tickets online, over the phone or in person at the Box Office or outlets, popular events can sell out in a very short time. Unfortunately we cannot accept postal bookings for popular events that are expected to sell out quickly.