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BACKSTAGE SafeTix™️ a Roaring Success at The SSE Arena, Belfast

Ticketmaster’s SafeTix™ technology has been a resounding success for The SSE Arena, Belfast, with more than 150,000 SafeTix™ scanned since launch.

The cutting-edge technology securely links fan’s digital tickets to their Ticketmaster account, eliminating fraud, while the NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality gives spectators a seamless ‘tap and go’ experience when adding tickets to their phone wallet.

Adrian Doyle, chief experience officer at The Odyssey Trust, said: “We are firm believers in deploying the latest technology across the Odyssey campus to ensure the experiences we deliver are as safe and frictionless as possible for both customers and staff. Introducing Ticketmaster’s innovative SafeTix™️ functionality at The SSE Arena, Belfast has not only increased the security and validity of people’s event tickets but, more pertinently, has helped us to continue placing technology and innovation at the forefront of Northern Ireland’s premier entertainment venue.”

Belfast Giants fans can now also enjoy the benefits of the SafeTix™️ platform, as the technology has been rolled out in time for the start of the Elite League season at The SSE Arena, Belfast.

Keith English, managing director of Ticketmaster Ireland, commented: “Our SafeTix™️ technology has revolutionised ticketing for venues, and The SSE Arena, Belfast is a prime example. Ticket scalping is no more, and the NFC ‘tap and go’ feature means it’s even easier and faster for fans in Belfast to get into the Arena. This product has upgraded the fan experience while streamlining things for the venue team on event day – a big win all-round for this ‘digital-first’ venue, which has always shown a commitment to leading with technology.”

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