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BACKSTAGE Five Reasons You Need to Book Your ARRIVAL From Sweden Tickets NOW

ARRIVAL From Sweden, also known as “The World’s Greatest ABBA Show,” is coming back to The SSE Arena this January!

The music of ABBA will be blasting good vibes in the heart of Belfast thanks to the musical power of the Ulster Orchestra and original ABBA musicians, like bass player Mike Watson. Plus, vocals will be supplied by some of the greatest, Swedish approved, ABBA cover artists of all time.

1. The Sing Along's

It's been said that this is the closest you will ever come to see the real ABBA live on stage! That means they’re giving you hit after hit, and you know the words to every one of them. Sing along to classic songs, that make you grin ear to ear, like Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Does Your Mother Know, The Winner Takes It All, Gimme Gimme and so many more!

2. The Atmosphere

The good vibes will be infectious on Saturday 7 January! Everyone is welcome to breakout their platform boots, flared jumpsuits, and glitter to fit the part. ABBA’s iconic fashion is one thing, but their legacy on pop music and pop cultured is one of the greatest in the world. Be a part of the electric feeling of hearing iconic songs, backed by an entire symphony orchestra. Just remember, dress the part but bring your comfiest dancing shoes for the ultimate party!

3. Win Christmas

Christmas isn’t about the presents or gifts, but wouldn’t it be nice to know you gave the gift that has them jumping up and down in excitement? It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves ABBA... and who doesn’t love ABBA?! ARRIVAL From Sweden is the most successful ABBA show touring the world today. They've performed in over 70 countries, performing with almost 100 symphony orchestras. With tickets starting at £38, it’s an incredible, world renowned, experience that you can gift with just a few clicks while skipping the high street rush.

4. Keep the Spirit Going

No one likes the Christmas hangover. Keep the spirit going into January after New Year’s Day by having ARRIVAL From Sweden to look forward to just days later! The timing not only makes it a great Christmas gift, but also a great way to get a big holiday season night out to fight the January blues.

5. Full Family Night Out!

ABBA is back in fashion (let’s be honest, it never went out of fashion)! With the resurgence of ABBA on Tiktok, having multiple songs go viral decades after their release, ABBA truly have become timeless. Whether you’re 18 or 81, you’ll be in for an unforgettable night. Why not make a family affair, bring generations out to celebrate songs that connect you all.

Catch the show on Saturday 7 January 2023. Tickets available via Ticketmaster.


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