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BACKSTAGE 2022 Is The Year To LOL At The SSE

It's comedy central at the SSE Arena, Belfast in 2022! We're the place to be if you want premier entertainment that's sure to make you LOL until you're ROFL. Check out our upcoming comedy acts and shows and click the artist name to find tickets!

Alan Partridge on 22 April

Welcome to STRATAGEM WITH ALAN PARTRIDGE, a live stage show that promises to inform, educate and entertain in approximately equal measure. Wearing a head-mic favoured by TED talkers, market hawkers, TV evangelists, backing singers and carnival barkers, Alan combines all these roles and more. It’s a manifesto for the way we can move forward, a roadmap to a better tomorrow, an ABC for the way to be. Over a multi-decade broadcasting career, this wonderful and surprisingly well-read man has brought delight to millions. And now, in a country riven with discord and disease, Alan is touring the country with a message of hope.

Bill Bailey on 30 April

How did we get here? How do we find our way through this? And exactly who are we again? In Bill’s new show, EN ROUTE TO NORMAL, Bill ponders this and other questions that this moment in history has thrown up, and tries to see a way through the strange unreality of our new world. In a show who’s title Bill had written before we’d even heard of COVID, EN ROUTE TO NORMAL has become not just a funny, heartwarming mix of stories, music and history, but a personal mission to find our way through these Strange Times!

Belfast Girls on 23 October

The Belfast Girls are back once again for another night of pure gegs, and this is your formal invitation to the wedding of the year because… BERNIE’S GETTING MARRIED! Bernie and Shankill Joe are celebrating their last nights of freedom and their hen & stag parties get out of hand! Will they make it down the aisle without a hitch? Get your party trunks ironed & your wedding hats ready and come and find out!

Paddy Raff on 30 September

Award winning comedy writer and stand-up comedian Paddy Raff returns to the SSE with his brand new show ‘Look Who’s Raffing’ featuring his own brand of musical & observational comedy accompanied by his alter-egos Nigel (everybody’s favourite snob) and Fr Pat (the raving priest) for a night full of laughter not to be missed.

Joanne McNally on 14 October

Join Joanne as she revisits her irreverent and critically acclaimed show The Prosecco Express! Due to a relentless ageing process, Joanne is suddenly in her late thirties with no husband, no kids, no pension and no plan. She is full of questions: if she doesn’t birth anything, who will be obligated to watch her die so she doesn’t have to do it alone? Can she start a GoFundMe page to get a golden tomb built for single people to get buried in together, or do we all just get thrown into a mass grave and covered in cat hair? When a man on a dating app identifies as 'spiritual', is it safe to assume he has the personality of a spoon? If you do all your drinking in the bath, can you write it off as self-care?

Kevin Bridges on Various Dates in October & November

Kevin Bridges returns to The SSE Arena, Belfast with SIX nights of his hotly-anticipated new show! ‘‘The Overdue Catch-Up’ welcomes audiences into the mind of one of the sharpest comedy talents the UK has to offer. With a career spanning 18 years Kevin Bridges already has the life experience of a man twice his age, helping him to hit the nail on the head with his shrewd outlook on the modern world. Don’t miss the chance to catch one of the most astute observational comedians around today at the top of his game.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys on 4 & 5 November

Mrs. Brown’s Boys promises to take audiences on an exhilarating and side-splitting adventure. Brendan O’Carroll said: “It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever written. Even I laugh and I know what’s coming next!” Mrs. Brown’s Boys success has been nothing short of incredible. Voted the No. 1 Sitcom of the 21st Century, if you haven’t experienced Mrs. Brown’s Boys live show, it is not to be missed!


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