Smoking Policy

In compliance with the smoke-free legislation that came into affect on April 30 2007, The SSE Arena, Belfast will operate a strictly no smoking policy at all events. This means that members of the public will no longer be permitted to smoke anywhere within the confines of the Arena.

The SSE Arena, Belfast will also to continue to operate its current policy of no re-admittance, which means that customers leaving the Arena for a cigarette / e-cigarette (or for any other reason) will be unable to gain entry back in. The no re-admittance policy is crucial for customer safety given that the Arena can host to up to 10,000 visitors at a single event, making it impractical to manage the potential numbers wishing to exit and re-enter the building at any given time.

The SSE Arena, Belfast will display prominent signage at the entrance to the venue to ensure that all consumers are fully aware of this policy on entering the building. Signage will also be displayed throughout the venue. Regretably, those who refuse to comply with the smoke-free legislation will be asked to leave.