Winter Skate Information

Here is some useful information for Winter Skate!


Wear appropriate clothing – gloves are advised No hats, scarves or hoods to be worn on the ice. Hoodies can be worn but hood should remain down. All sporting tops/colours are permitted, though not encouraged. Neutral flag policy still applies. Lockers are available at £1 per use to store belongings.

Food & Drink

Vending facilities are available.


Photography is strictly prohibited on the ice. No mobile phones, cameras or mp3 players are permitted on the ice.

Children – 12yrs and under

Children under 12 should be accompanied by an appropriate adult At least one adult must accompany a group of 5 children. An adult can only accompany up to 2 children who require assistance on the ice.

Wheelchair Users

Customers are permitted on the ice rink in their wheelchair. Companions are advised but not essential. Companions must wear skates on the ice. Wheelchair users can join in the session but if it is too busy an area may be reserved specifically for them.

Skating Aids

Skating Aids (Bobby Seals) are available for children to hire from the skate issue desk at £2 per 30mins – hired on a first-come first-served basis. Height restrictions apply – You can be no taller than 1.2m with skate on to use.

First Aid Facilities will be available.

Site Pass

This ticket includes a Belfast Giants Ticket plus a skating session and entry to W5 (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children).
Giants ticket is game-specific.
W5 entry is flexible between 27th - 31st December.
Skating session is available to use on the same day as your Belfast Giants event.


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