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BACKSTAGE Odyssey Trust staff support charity partner Action Mental Health

Odyssey Trust staff support charity partner Action Mental Health by encouraging people to look after their mental health

Action Mental Health will be raising awareness amongst fans at the Belfast Giants game against Manchester Storm on Sunday. They have produced a short film and commissioned a special Belfast Giants warm-up jersey that will be auctioned for the charity.

The charity has worked with staff at the Odyssey, including the Belfast Giants and W5 educators, to promote the 5 steps to wellbeing.

Belfast Giants Coach Adam Keefe said, “It is really important for players, staff and fans to look after their mental health and speak out if they have any concerns.”

Wendy Langham, Head of Social Affairs Odyssey Trust said, “Thanks to all the staff at Odyssey for working together to support Action Mental Health to change the lives of those living with mental ill-health and promote resilience and well-being to future generations.”

David Babington, Chief Executive of Action Mental Health said, “We are extremely pleased that the Odyssey Trust has chosen to focus on and support mental health and well-being, and thank them for helping us to raise much-needed funds and awareness, tackling stigma and promoting positive mental health”.

The special warm-up jerseys, worn by players on Saturday 19th October and Sunday 20th October are being auctioned to support the charity. All funds raised through the sale of these shirts will help Action Mental Health to provide services in Northern Ireland.

To purchase one of the Belfast Giants Action Mental Health signed jerseys click here.

For more information on Action Mental Health visit




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